Hello, World!

Geronimo Balloons

Well, hello there, friends! Welcome to my humble little blog’s first post!

I’m not sure how you stumbled onto Delano Drive, but I’m glad you’re here!I’ve daydreamed about creating an online space for a while now, but the holidays have officially inspired me to take the plunge.

When I’m not writing on the blog, I’m spending time with my nearest and dearest {including a wonderful boyfriend and our adorable boxer puppy}, flexing my creative muscles with amateur DIY projects, and catching up on Scandal. My hope is that Delano Drive will be a fun space for you to kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and hopefully, find a few inspiring things while you’re here. I hope you stay a while!

Image via Camille Styles.


2 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. Brittany, LOOK AT YOU! You have a blog! What a great little space on the world wide web. I’m so proud. Congratulations! I love your posts so far. Also, Delano Drive is so Hollywood. Trendy, on fleek and so you. Do what you do. Way to go! Excited to follow your DIY projects for inspiration. Keep the good stuff coming…Miss you. 💘


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