A Spooky, Sweet Cocktail for Halloween

Halloween Decorations_Table

We threw our first Halloween party over the weekend, and it was just the event to kick off the holiday season! While I love decorating for events {see bat wall above}, I still haven’t mastered the art of creating decadent dishes and cocktails for large groups of people without stressing out. {We can file that under entertaining goals for 2016.}  We usually rely on easy to bake or easy to heat in the oven dishes that require little effort. However, I wanted a cocktail for the night, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this Red Apple Cider Sangria was to make, and it was delicious.


People asked me for the recipe all night, and while it was perfect for a Halloween party, it really works with any fall event.

How was your Halloween? I’d love to hear your favorite costumes from the night!

Here are some quick snapshots of our costumes for the night, in case you’d like to see them. Our pup dressed as a Beanie Baby, D was Donald Trump, and I channeled my inner Medusa.

Riley_Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015 Costumes

Image via Chocolate Moosey

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